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SuperWASP camera array used by UK and International researchers to identify numerous planets orbiting stars beyond our solar system. Other interactive Web applications have found problems with the Web protocols: some need to keep track of users by using state information Ibra94 , others find that the interface itself is limiting Klem94 Whilst writing the various gateway programs to interface the telescope to the Web we have thought of a number of changes and additions to the protocols.Hey, I had to find a cool astronomy website as part of my Astronomy class at UW-Eau Claire.  The robotically assembled modular space telescope (RAMST) design is described by Nicolas Lee and his colleagues at the California Institute of Technology and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in an article published this week by SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, in the Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems (JATIS).
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New Near Earth Asteroids found by an organisation in USA are passed on to students for them to determine the National Schools Observatory charges £50 registration fee for any amount of observing - but only 5% of the time on that telescope is allocated for NASA mission to comet Temple 1 includes a probe which, on 4 July 2005 will impcat with the nucleus to find out what it is made of. If the effect is large it may be visible through binoculars.The telescope is scheduled and operated remotely from the University of Iowa in Iowa City using custom telescope scheduling IRO is used by students and faculty at the University of Iowa for astronomical laboratories and research. But back when she was a graduate student in the CWRU Astronomy Department, she learned a valuable lesson from her mentor, Professor Earle Luck: you gotta break things to make progress in science. ASTELCO has installed a 0.6m ultra leightweight RC telescope on a NTM-500 mount for GRB survey observations in China.
This paper describes some of the current applications for using these telescopes and how these telescope systems will be used in the future in standalone installations and in global networks. We showed that it was possible to deliver much more of the science curriculum online by giving learners web access to real-world facilities. An image taken with the Hubble Space Telescope of Abell 1689, a massive cluster of galaxies whose gravitational pull is so strong that it bends light, acting like a lens.Design of a modular space telescope that overcomes restrictions on volume and mass could allow telescope components to be launched incrementally, enabling the design and deployment of extremely large space telescopes. That image is a combination of observations using the giant 10-meter Subaru telescope, the 0.81 meter Schulman Telescope (from my old friend Adam Block), and a 35 cm telescope, all of which were processed by Robert Gendler and Roberto Colombari.
The Department of Astronomy at the University of Cape Town is the largest university-based astronomy group in the country and has strong ties (and joint positions) with the South African Astronomical Observatory and the South African Square Kilometre Array office. One of the largest current networks of robotic telescopes is RoboNet , operated by a consortium of UK universities.As a Skynet Junior Scholar you will get the chance to use the PROMPT Telescopes, the Yerkes 41 inch telescope (the largest optical telescope on Skynet), the 20 Meter Radio Telescope, and new telescopes in Australia among others! The Skynet Robotic Telescope Network got its start when University of North Carolina astronomer, Dr. Dan Reichart, and his students began building PROMPT in 2004. Our prototype robotic telescope is situated on the Pennines in West Yorkshire, England.